I don’t golf often or well but still have some “muscle memory” from my teen years in Brainerd, Minn. Today, I carded a hole in one while golfing with Ayden, our 13-year-old son*

  • Where: New Hope Village Golf Course, New Hope, Minn. Our first visit!
  • Hole: 4
  • Club: 5 iron
  • The Shot: The green has a wicked slope from right to left with a bunker to the right. An elderly golfer behind us noted that she always plays to the right, which seemed like solid advice. My ball landed on the right edge of the green and rolled downhill into the cup. I was stunned, Ayden was elated and the elderly golfer was absolutely tickled ✸

* For whom I hope to caddie in college—he’s nearly a scratch golfer on youth courses