Symbols — No. 1

For a few years, our family attended a Christian church that met in a Jewish community center. I’d often get bored with the service and hung out in its art gallery instead.

And so it was that I was playing hooky on February 15th, 2015. I came upon a placard that encouraged me to take a key out of a large jar nearby.

I encourage you to do the same — find a key and “think about what you would unlock in your your personal life to ensure a better future.” Add it to your key chain or maybe keep it on your person as a constant reminder of your “truest self.” ✸

I regret that I didn’t capture the artist’s name at the time. I believe that it was either Aviva Klein (and here) or the Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis. I’m happy to update this post if someone provides me with better attribution.

Carl G. Jung. Man and His Symbols. New York: Anchor Press, 1964