Eat Move Sleep

I recently contributed a “lunch and learn” to PreferredOne’s annual health fair. We talked about some key topics related to behavioral change, including process thinking, end-gaining, means-whereby and indirect methods. Please see my PowerPoint for more.

The health dimension is a 30-day challenge based on Tom Rath’s Eat Move Sleep (book) and companion website. I encouraged the audience to make some small choices that could lead to big changes in both their quality and quantity of life.

Many thanks to Donna Larson, Shelley Markve, Susan Bernstein and PreferredOne’s Wellbeing Committee for pulling together the event and making the book available to employees. ✸

Postscript [10/07/2021]. Nell Hurley brought my attention to James Clear’s Atomic Habits (book). Looks like fantastic read that syncs of up with Rath’s work. BTW, Nell was recently featured in a Star Tribune article on the contemporary sober movement.

Postscript [10/10/2021]. For those intrigued by the Alexander Technique, I suggest booking a few lessons with Brian McCullough or another qualified teacher in your area.