Chasing Your Tail

Years ago, in one of my former lives, Scott Hinrichs, HealthEast’s vice president for mission, bioethics and spiritual care, tapped me to speak at its annual President’s Prayer Breakfast. I’m not sure that the audience walked away with much, however, the event was a tremendous gift to me. Absent the commitment, I doubt that I would have reflected on my spiritual journey.

The PowerPoint has generally aged well. I’m not sure that I would add much today—except, perhaps this Lars Kenseth cartoon, which I saw over the weekend, and some stuff from Stephan Bodian’s Beyond Mindfulness. By all means laugh, but then puzzle for a few minutes over the deeper meaning.

What’s that part of you that’s been there all along?

Lars Kenseth. Originally published in Wired on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020.

Postscript. I didn’t immediately realize that today marks the 10th anniversary of my presentation. More than coincidence? ✸