CBT Cookies

No, not CBD! CBT, as in, cognitive behavioral therapy.

I fished this out of a fortune cookie last night:

Inspired, I’m thinking about ordering some custom cookies to hand out during sessions. The fortunes would take the form of rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT):

  • What was the activating event (A)?
  • What was the emotional and/or behavioral consequence (C)?
  • What did you tell yourself (B) about A to cause C?
  • Is that belief (B) logical? Empirical? Pragmatic?

I somehow think that Albert Ellis, who made therapy playful and engaging, would approve. ✸

Postscript. How do I know that Ellis was playful and engaging? I’ve read published transcripts of his sessions, and they are masterpieces. During one session, he advised a client thus: “Every time a human being gets upset—except when she’s in physical pain—she has always told herself some bullshit the second before she gets upset” (p. 228). That not only got the client’s attention, I can guarantee the lesson stuck.

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