Just Me Again

I had the privilege of authoring the chapter on Alcohol Use Disorder in Conn’s Current Therapy 2023, the venerable textbook that has now been through 75 (!!) annual editions. With a little luck, you should be able read it via Google Books (Section 10: Psychiatric Disorders, Page 823).

As promised last year, I included some important new-ish research on non-abstinent recovery (“progress, not perfection”) in the 2023 edition. I also added a section on motivational enhancement therapy (a/k/a motivational interviewing) and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), which can be conducted during brief sessions like office visits in primary care.

I’ve been asked to return for the 2024 edition. If space permits, I may include a section on ambulatory medically managed withdrawal (“detoxification”), which is feasible for many patients.

Many thanks to Rick Kellerman, M.D., for involving me in this most rewarding project! ✸

Postscript [03/03/2023]. It’s always fun to receive the physical copy in the mail. The book weighs in at around 9 pounds per the label on the box in which it arrived.

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