Drug Testing

I periodically drug test patients who are taking prescription controlled substances.

I recognize that drug testing in a hospital or clinic is often very expensive, even with health insurance. Accordingly, I have curated the following lower-cost options. If you go this route, you will need to pay for tests on your own (your insurance will not be billed). For some patients this is still a big savings.

Countrywide Testing
Please purchase the Phamatech Urine Lab Confirmation Mail-In Drug Test (currently $26.21). Please provide me with the Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the kit so I can view your test results online.

Countrywide Testing

Fairview and HealthEast
Fairview and HealthEast offer direct-to-consumer laboratory testing. Testing is available at various Fairview and HealthEast facilities in the Twin Cities and Princeton, Minn.

Minnesota Monitoring
Minnesota Monitoring has service centers across Minnesota. Hours are excellent and cost is low. Please let us know which service center you plan to use so we can fax orders ahead of time.

Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics offers direct-to-consumer laboratory testing. Service centers are available across the nation.

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